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For Folk in and around Yorkshire
Saturday, 8 August 2020
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Welcome to the Tykes’ Stirrings Web Site!

An amalgamation of Tykes News (West Yorkshire) and Stirrings (South Yorkshire)
Tykes Stirrings is a quarterly print magazine about folk music, song and dance. It covers Yorkshire and surrounds, and is read by people as far afield as the US and Australia; even by one or two in Lancashire! You can find out more about Tykes Strrrings and its history by entering Tykes Towers.

Note our new new address: tykesstirrings.org.uk. If you have a web site with a link to the old Tykes News or Stirrings address we'll be much obliged if you could update it.

Summer issue cover

Tykes Stirrings Summer Issue

No2: SUMMER 2020

Our euphoria was levelled in no uncertain terms after the "against all the odds" launch of the first TykesStirrings [1] by the pestilence known as CORVID-19 (an escalation on the usual Twa Corvids). As clubs went into hibernation and festivals skipped a year we thought that we might also miss an edition. However the magnificent British folk movement picked up its skirts and ran, showering us with adverts – advertising very little, but full of messages of support and hopes for the future. Putting together this issue has been an uplifting experience.

Another potential pitfall appeared with this issue – The Postage! After only one year at £1.32, it jumped to a whopping £1.40. We will be able to absorb that hit for this issue because, as we will have little or no presence on the high street, we have printed fewer copies. If you aren't a subscriber and still want a magazine, either take out a subscription here, where there are multiple ways of subscribing, or you can have a single copy posted to you for a paltry £3.50. Email to swap addresses and payment.

Stay safe, singing and six feet away.

[1] For all you apostrophiles out there, the logo version of 'Tykes Stirrings', for the sake of clarity, will now be baht the 'article’.

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