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For Folk in and around Yorkshire
Friday, 1 July 2022
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Winter / Spring issue

Current Issue: Winter / Spring

Out now - and mainly through subscription, although he retail sector is coming back to life, clubs are re-emerging from hibernation and concerts are springing up. Then came Omicron! so it's probably safer, overall, to continue to buy through subscription. For the breathtakingly great price of £16 have it delivered anywhere in the UK. Other world destinations are available but costs will differ accordingly, see the subscription page. There may be a market for a PDF version out there, but there has been no clamour. Please clamour if you feel the need, and we'll find out how to make one!

WINTER 2021 / SPRING 2022

The NEWS section … is full of reopened clubs and plans for the future and bookings for now. Organisers never cease to amaze with their optimistic outlook.



Anahata ranges far and wide from Wales to Westmorland for some 6/8 action.

We say goodbye to LYDIA, she will LAIKE no more.

Jim Shipley (her carer!) reports that after a 10 year cycle she has decided to "replenish her goblet with a double measure of the finest Chilean Merlot and retire to consider half a century of Tykes trivia."
A unique cover: Bellamy by Bellamy

Chris Sugden's MY LIFE AS A KIPPER

Chapter 9: The ASTORIA STORY: A gig so bad it merited a ballad - if he could remember the tune. "Chorus: But we were never daunted, despite this small reverse; At least, we thought, it can’t get any worse." …
Verse and worse


Michael Chapman - A Life Lived on His Own Terms

"As well as his native Yorkshire determination and dogged belief in his own way of doing things, he also possessed a highly developed, inbuilt ‘bullshit detector’."

Steve Dumpleton

"Steve will be remembered in the folk world as a very fine player of the melodeon and Anglo concertina, though he had also taught himself to play the English concertina and the Northumbrian pipes. A keen supporter of the East Anglian Traditional Music Trust (EATMT), he also had a particular affinity for Welsh folk music, having worked in Carmarthenshire for a time and played in a ceilidh band there."


Vin's Tossin' a Wobbler. His fifth disk and full of Vintage Vin. "The single most important element, though, is Vin’s absolute commitment to his material . Picture him, eyes closed, head thrown back, giving everything to the song he’s singing. In the moment … … In the zone,"
Zoning out


And the Cat Came Back…

The Ship's Cat - after taking time off to raise a family - have reappeared on the folk scene. Here are their influences and image.
Cat Matters

Alice Jones & Bryony Griffith

Chris Manners has a cuppa with Alice & Bryony and unearths some folk gold. "Chris: Come on then, admit it: you were both so bored during lockdown that you formed a duo out of sheer desperation. Not so, they protest - we were bored before lock-down."
A solo Alice

A Demon Bryony


It's an ancient and multi-faceted word - Fair enough? "derived directly from the Latin, feria, it first appears in written english in this form in the mid-13th century. Usually translated as “holiday” by Latin/English dictionaries "


Crawtherdale Tales: by Bruce Michael Baillie

"The whole volume draws inspiration from the songs of Bob Pegg and in particular takes Fiddler’s Cross as a starting point for the whole process, whose history is outlined at the end of this 150-odd page volume.” Says an impressed Nigel.
Graphic storytelling

The Brightest Of Entertainers

Jig dolls from England and beyond
by Pat Pickles and Katie Howson
Originally by Rene & Pat Pickles: "The process of updating and expanding the book has tended towards some unevenness in layout but this is a minor quibble. Katie Howson and Pat Pickles have crammed a lot into 104 pages and are to be congratulated on producing such an excellent, well-re- searched and comprehensive publication on a hitherto neglected aspect of traditional folk art "
Read of Mr Jollyboys and his articulated friends

On Track … The Incredible String Band by Tim Moon

"'Every Album, Every Song' claims the cover … Well, almost … Cometh the Increds. Cometh Tim Moon. The songs are here in order, from Maybe Someday to Ithkos, with a detour into the Mike and Robin solo albums made during the band’s main existence "
The Increds made credible



(From their front room to yours)

“And it’s vanity will get you in the end, I’ll be bound.”
[with a nod to Cyril Tawney]


…is back, In skeletal form, but with the promise of greater things to come.
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