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Saturday, 23 October 2021
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Summer/ Autumn issue

Current Issue: Summer/ Autumn

Out now - and mainly through subscription although some music/record shops may sport a copy or two. Overall it's safer to buy through subscription, for the breathtakingly great price of £16 in the UK. Other destination costs may differ, see the subscription page.


The NOTICES page

… has a smattering of festival news, but it also has a Letter! and an Anecdote!

The NEWS section

… is, as you would expect, mainly postponements and cancellations, though now tinged with hope and plans for the future. Organisers never cease to amaze with their optimistic outlook; defying the odds and denying the virus its victory.


Chris Manners finds Talent is Timeless in a song-writing competition. "The posts mushroomed, [ … ]. So did the bickering. Like a coach-load of Torquay-bound pensioners: mostly cheerful, but apt to grumble [ … ]. And a load of comments that were the equivalent of 'can’t find my glasses,' and 'how do you work the remote control?' "


Alston Clog. Anahata brings to us a tune found in many places and known by many other names.
Köhlers' Violin Repository is the place to be.


"In line with the government’s ‘Rule of six’ advice, this issue of TykesStirrings is covering six months rather than the usual three. Keen to comply, Lydia D’ustbyn dons her reading glasses, lays in a fresh supply of Merlot and socially distances from sobriety."

Chris Sugden's MY LIFE as a KIPPER reaches Chapter 8

"On Saturday July 26th, 1986, a number of folkies, from Whitby to Sidmouth (say), had their lie-in interrupted by childish cries of 'Mum, Dad' (those being gender-specific times) 'The Kipper Family are on the telly'. And so we were. But we didn’t sing."
Blue-sky pointing


This issue's memory is the only LP from Bandoggs named … Bandoggs! "Bandoggs were an authentic folk supergroup: Pete [Coe] and Chris [Coe], with Nic Jones and Tony Rose. No coincidence that the three surviving members are all EFDSS Gold Badge holders."


So much time on our hands … NIGEL fills it with Four 2-fers for your Summer & Autumn reading.

Spirit of Love - C.O.B

"Clive Palmer was already a legend to us in the second generation of folkies. His pure and unembellished approach gave him a saintly quality which was backed up with an incredible strength of character."
C.O.B back then

The Seeds of Love - Serious Sam Barrett

"Sometimes driven by banjo, sometimes a cappella, these songs are performed in a way which is both refreshingly contemporary and rooted in deep tradition."
Serious Sam planting seeds

Hurt in Your Heart - Katie Spencer

"As the sonic intricacies of the last track unfolded in an iridescent mist of sound I found myself wishing it would never stop, and almost bereft when it did."
Katie Spencer revisiting John Martyn.

Banter3 - Banter

"Like their first two CDs, in terms of production, vocals, arrangements and musicianship it is exemplary. A dozen songs and tunes, all traditional bar John Reading’s Home Sweet Home "
Banter, a right old knees-up.


Pete Coe - 50 years of out on the town. Cheshire-Born Pete Coe selects his five favourite live gigs and reveals why they were so special. A full-time musician for 50 years come this September, he is often justifiably described as “A one-man folk industry”.
We'll never forget the shirt


Well, I'll go to Our House (Well I Gu Ter Air Ais!)

Steve Moxon plays fast and loose with 'our' Yorkshire sayings: "Our nonsense sayings that seem so right, yet sound as if they are of another language in ham-fisted translation into English … indeed are so. Anglicisation-cum-rationalisation. Folk etymology in action."


Jim Eldon interviewed by Mossy Christian

"… We met again a few months later at Whitby Folk Week, and from that day to this we have had a close and lasting friendship, sharing music and songs both at each other’s houses and at various events."
Jim Eldon - Still Sharp, Still Shooting


"The Wilson family (this time the four brothers: Tom, Chris, Steve and Mike) belt out songs in unaccompanied harmony and add their own brand of boisterous stage chatter to the mix. Once they get rolling on a song, it’s impossible not to join in."
Happiness is harmony in Goathland


Innocent — Until proven harmless

"Just as an archaeologist can use certain “trenchmarks” to indicate and date levels … so the use of certain words and their implicit meaning can be used to date a piece of writing or a version of a song."


Songs from Robin Hood's Bay

A song collection, hand written in 1877, has finally been published - 144 years after the event! Penned by 17 year old Margaret Moorsom.

Martin Carthy, in his foreword, calls the book “a truly tantalising find” and compares it to “the mighty Sussex Copper Family songbook.”

The view from Margaret's cottage has hardly changed in 144 years.

'Yorkshired' is that even a thing?

PlumHall's The Lyric Book: Words for the modern songster

"Although both Michelle and Nick have been involved in previous musical collaborations and creations, this volume focuses entirely and completely on the songs contained on their first two albums as Plumhall."


(It's all about the North!)

“And it’s vanity will get you in the end, I’ll be bound.” [with a nod to Cyril Tawney] CD Roundup: Nigel and Chris root among a growing pile of shiny circular things


Confinement ~ a Cento

Nigel says: "This sonnet is taken from letters and statements of Tudor political prisoners." … "The eighth line comes from a poem by Elizabeth I  while she was imprisoned in The Tower by Mary."

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