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For Folk in and around Yorkshire
Sunday, 25 February 2024
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Welcome to the Tykes’ Stirrings Web Site!

An amalgamation of Tykes News (West Yorkshire) and Stirrings (South Yorkshire)
Tykes Stirrings is a quarterly print magazine about folk music, song and dance. It covers Yorkshire and surrounds, and is read by people as far afield as the US and Australia; even by one or two in Lancashire! You can find out more about Tykes Strrrings and its history by entering Tykes Towers.

Note our new new address: tykesstirrings.org.uk. If you have a web site with a link to the old Tykes News or Stirrings address we'll be much obliged if you could update it.

Winter issue

Tykes Stirrings
Winter Issue

No 14: Winter ’23/’24

THE LAST LOAD HOME – an important notice

TykesStirrings will cease publishing with the Winter 24/25 issue, one year from now. This means that the next issue – Spring 2024 – is the last yearly subscription we will be offering. Neither will we be offering four issue ad deals – it’s buy by the issue from now on, chaps.

The reasons and time-line are outlined in the magazine, and as you can imagine, it has not been a simple or easy decision. The plan is to allow subscriptions to run out naturally, with no-one owing anyone anything. There will be individual copies available through the year, but at a price yet to be determined. Club and retail sales will not be affected, still being available, issue by issue, through the year.

In sadness,
Jim Ellison

Nigel has much to say in the editorial, see some snippets over on the Current Issue page.

In the mean time - and to bring you down to earth - here’s a reminder of our stripped down advertising costs!

Ad prices for 2024
Full: 190x130mm£34£42
Half: (Landscape) 90x130mm £20 £26
Half: (Portrait) 190x62 £20£26
Quarter: (Portrait) 90x62£14£20
Now pop over to the Current Issue page and see what we've managed to bring you in TykesStirrings No.13

Nigel & Jim

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